About Us

The Broward County Butterfly Chapter (BCBC) of the North American Butterfly Association (NABA) is a membership-based not-for-profit organization.


The Mission of North American Butterfly Association (NABA) is to increase public enjoyment and conservation of butterflies; making butterflies important to a growing number of people and creating a constituency that works to conserve butterflies and their habitats.  NABA achieves its goals through promoting conservation of butterflies and the habitat they need to survive.

Membership in NABA supports these goals.


The Vision of the Broward County Butterfly Chapter is to champion healthy ecosystem thru butterfly education, conservation and habitat restoration. We educate the public about butterflies at our monthly chapter meetings, field trips and events. The chapter supports individuals and/or organizations that wish to design, maintain and restore butterfly habitat with planting native host and nectar plants for our iconic winged creatures to brood in developed Broward County naturescapes.  We butterfly count, participate in field surveys and habitat restoration projects.

We are a volunteer based citizen science group that advocates for  data collection for research purposes in conservation of butterflies.

Our members, friends, volunteers, citizen scientists work in tandem with educators, scientists, administrators, growers and citizens who love nature and are advocating for butterfly conservation for the next generation.

Participation in fieldwork engages a younger generation by observing and recording butterflies activity and visiting gardens with live exhibits of caterpillars on larval host plants. The Chapter supports activities that highlight the importance of these beautiful insects and the important role they play in the biodiversity needs for us all to live healthy lives.

We do this work with a mindfulness of the NABA presidents saying, “if we can help save the butterflies we may just be able to save ourselves”. We support NABA’s mission to educate and preserve these wild creatures for future generations.

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