Field Count Forms

 Documents for Counts
    1. Park Workday Volunteer Form
    2. BCBC Butterfly Count Form
    3. Participant List
    4. Count Instructions
 The NABA Butterfly Count is an ongoing program of NABA to census the butterflies of North America (United States, Canada and partially Mexico) and to publish the results. Volunteer participants select a count area within a 15-mile circle and conduct a one-day census of all butterflies sighted within that circle. The Broward County Butterfly Chapter invites you to be part of citizen science efforts to document butterfly activity in Broward County. Do you love nature? Do you enjoy watching butterflies? If so, the upcoming events are for you! Please read below and see how you can help.
If you are interested in participating, choose your location from the list below and notify the contact person for that area. Join the count for a few hours or a day of fascinating butterfly counting.