Most Wanted Butterflies

BCBC Most Wanted Butterflies & Host Plants

The above link will provide you with a document that identifies the 40 MW species and the host plants they need to restore the number of Butterflies seen in Broward County.

The list entitled “Most Wanted (MW) Butterflies in Broward Dr. Marc Minno Record March 11 2018 County” came about after a conversation in the summer of 2016 between Dr. Marc Minno, Ph.D. and Barbara DeWitt, long-time member and Vice-President, Broward County Butterfly Chapter of the North American Butterfly Association (NABA.)Barbara emailed Dr. Minno spreadsheets she had compiled for NABA Broward County butterfly counts from 2006 through summer 2016. Dr. Minno compared these data with butterfly species he had documented in the 1980’s when he lived in Broward County.  About 40 species were found not to have been recorded or recorded infrequently on the NABA counts. These species were deemed Broward County’s Most Wanted (MW) Butterflies.

To date, two MW species were documented on each of two field trips led by Dr. Minno in 2017 and one MW species was documented on a field trip led by Dr. Minno on March 11 2018

Checkered White female
Mallow Scrub Cats
Mallow Scrub Cat
Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak
Common White Checkered Skipper